Khana Indian for Food
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Khana Bites

Just want some bits and pieces or something to snack on?

Why not try a Mixed Platter of Samosa, Onion Bhajis and Chicken Tikkas served with mint and tamarind sauce. Suitable for two people as an entrée or for one as a mixed selection meal.


GF- Gluten Free

V- Vegetarian

Khana Bites Bites sized snacks served with tamarind sauce or mint sauce    

Vege Koftas Vegan Mashed vegetable balls mixed with mild spices and fresh spinach   Khana_VegeKoftas_Native_crop.jpg $12
Chilli & Garlic Prawn GF Tiger Prawns sauteed with diced capsicum, red onion and roasted chilli flakes 74267DCA-4C6D-4E3A-AC4B-F888DFD2C9E6.JPG E-20 M-34
Onion Bhajis GF Vegan Onion fritters coated in lightly spiced chickpea batter  19.JPG $14

Chicken Tikkas GF Free range boneless marinated chicken chunks cooked in the tandoor   food2.jpg



Fish Tikka GF,


Fresh Hapuka, marinated with home made spices & cooked in Tandoor, Yummy!!!!  30C7F4A2-D37F-4B1F-B0A3-01C013B1A24C.jpg



Mini Vege Platter A mini vegetarian platter of samosa, onion bhajis, vege kofta and paneer kofta served with salad and lemon wedges   $14
Samosas V Chef's secret recipe with 10+ vegetable ingredients 52.JPG $8

Mixed Platter Samosa, Onion Bhaji, Seek Kebab, Chicken Tikka pieces served with fresh salad Platter.jpg Mini-16 Full-28