Khana Indian for Food
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Khana Classics

All Khana Classics are served with Basmati rice and are made in your preference of mild, medium or hot. Khana curries are gluten free and we use Free Range Chicken.

V- Vegan

GF- Gluten Free

                        Chicken(We use Free Range Chicken)    

Khana Butter Chicken: a signature dish: Chicken Tikka cooked in a creamy, tomato based curry GF, EF
  Chicken/Lamb/ Beef Saag: tender pieces of boneless chicken cooked in a lightly spiced spinach sauce GF, EF, DF
  Chicken/Lamb/ Beef Korma: a finely blended cashew nut based curry, mild rich and creamy GF, EF
IMG_4753.jpg $20
  Chicken/Lamb/ Beef Karahi Chicken: Bonless chicken cooked with tempered coriander seeds and diced capsicum, garnished with fresh ginger and coriander GF, EF, DF
  Chicken/Lamb/ Beef Madras Chicken: A south Indian curry cooked with mustard seeds, curry leaves, chillies and coconut milk. GF, EF, DF
  Chicken/Lamb/ Beef Vindaloo: A hot Goan specialty: boneless lamb or beef simmered in hot tangy sauce GF, EF, DF
  Fresh Fish Curry of the day    24
  We use fresh fish, please ask staff                                         

  Biryani / Flavoured Rice GF
  An authentic, lightly spiced rice dish flavoured with a hint of saffron and aromatic spices
  Goat   $24

Prawn Chettinad : Prawns or Fish fillets cooked in a thick tomato and coconut curry   $22   
  Prawn Malabari : Cooked in coconut cream and curry leaves.
   Just Veges(We use Fresh Vegetables)    

Mushroom and peas curry: Button mushrooms and green peas cooked in a mild Masala sauce

    Khana Dal makhani: Black Lentils and red kidney beans stewed on a slow fire overnight, finished with spices, dash of cream and coriander   $18
  Navrattan Korma: Fresh seasonal vegetables cooked in a mild creamy blend of cashew nut, onions and pureed tomatoes.   $18
  Saag Aloo or Saag Paneer: Lightly spiced cottage cheese or potato finished in a mild puree of spinach   $18
  Malai Kofta: Handmade cottage cheese dumplings cooked in a blended cashew nut curry.
  Khana Chana Masala Vegan: Chickpeas cooked in a lightly spiced tomato and onion curry, garnished with coriander.   $18
  Bell Pepper Paneer: Cottage cheese cooked with diced capsicum, garnished with fresh ginger and coriander   $18
  Mung Bean Dal Vegan: Mung Bean Lentils cooked with fresh tomatoes, red onion and mild spices   $18