Khana Indian for Food
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Khana Light

Don't feel like carbs or want something lighter? Check out our healthy and delicious salads.




  Fresh Garden Salad: A plate of red onion,fresh tomatoes,cucumber,radish and a lemon wedge
 Green_Salad.jpg $14

Chicken Tikka salad: The best no carb 'salad dinner' ever! Boneless pieces of free range chicken Tikka cooked in the tandoor served on top of a gourmet coleslaw including fresh tomatoes and cucumber, drizzled with mint and tamarind sauce.
Add a piece of Chicken tikka for an extra $3

 C.T_Salad.jpg $16
Biryani An authentic, lightly spiced rice dish flavored with a hint of saffron and aromatic spices  Bryani.jpg  
  Prawn Biryani   $22
  Lamb Biryani   $19
  Chicken Biryani   $19
  Vegetable Biryani   $18
  Goat Biryani