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Khana Style

Khana takes its influence from the regions of northern India. North Indian curries usually have thick, moderately spicy and creamy gravies. The use of dried fruits and nuts is fairly common even in everyday foods. Dairy products like milk, cream, cottage cheese, and yoghurt play an important role in the cooking of both savoury and sweet dishes. Thanks to the fact that such a rich variety of fruit and vegetables is available at all times of the year, the region produces a dazzling array of vegetarian dishes. North Indians seem to prefer Indian breads over rice, if the rich variety is anything to go by. This region is home to the tandoori roti and naan (bread made in a clay tandoor oven), stuffed parathas (flaky Indian bread with different kinds of vegetarian and non-vegetarian fillings) and kulchas (bread made from fermented dough). Rice is also popular and made into elaborate biryanis.





A tandoor is a traditional Indian clay oven that exposes food to both live fire, radiant heat cooking and hot air, convection cooking. Tandoor ovens remain lit for long periods of time to maintain the high cooking temperature (up to 480 degrees), adding an un-paralleled tenderness and flavour to food.




Khana Promise

We promise, at all times, to provide, the highest quality and freshest tasting Indian food. If you are not satisfied with your meal please advise our friendly store manager with details of your situation and we will put things right as soon as possible.




What's New?

Let us excite your palate with new and innovative Indian food. Khana has developed its own original dishes and is continually inspired by the melting pot of flavours from the Indian continent. Khana promises to bring you unique Indian fare.





All Khana Classics are gluten free. If you have a particular dietary request please notify our friendly staff and we will try to assist you as best we can.




Khana Catering

If you are having a get together and need some great food let us help you wow your guests. Talk to us about catering for your special occasion. Call us on 09 948 5859 or contact us via the form on the contacts page.





Because we appreciate our customers so much we will share with you our favorite Khana recipes. Keep watch for changing recipes, or place your request via the form on the contacts page.

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Khana Chefs

Anthony is our Head Chef from Hyderabad. Jasbir is our Tandoor chef from Punjab, from the land of Naan Bread.